To all our diners and concerned parties,

You may be aware of stories circulating in the press regarding a customer with a PTSD support dog who was reported as being refused entry at our establishment.

Due to government health and safety regulations we are unable to allow domestic animals to enter our restaurant. We do understand that some customers may have a medical requirement for a support animal and in these cases it is permissible by law for the customer and their support animal to enter – and these customers are of course very welcome.

In this case, when the customer arrived our waiter left to check the restaurant’s animal policy with management, however whilst the waiter was away the gentleman left the restaurant. We understand that this experience made the customer feel uncomfortable, however this was absolutely not the intention of our waiter and we sincerely apologise for any misunderstanding. There was no ill intention towards this gentleman and his support dog and we hope to make absolutely clear that our policy is to welcome support animals and their owners into the restaurant.


Shapur Management